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Friday, 27 August 2010

Credit Card Users

Credit Card Users

In case of losing the credit card, lodge a complaint with the bank immediately. It will enable the bank to announce it as 'hot card' as early as possible, making it possible to nab the culprit. This will also protect you from liabilities, which may be incurred using the stolen card.
Do not write the PIN number on the card itself.
Always check your monthly bank statements for any suspicious transactions
A card's magnetic strip has the basic details of the cardholder. But the card also comes with a blank space for you to sign in. You must sign on the card to avoid unauthorized use.
Better hang around when your card is being swiped.
Disable your credit card account if you are not using it.
Do not store your personal and credit card information on the computer
Never delay to report a lost credit card as the consequences can be highly disastrous.
Thoroughly check the authenticity of the firm, the website, or any other transactional society where your money would be flowing through.

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